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"I have a passion to teach traditional Tae Kwon Do certified by the Kukkiwon to all ages in the community. The Kukkiwon is the official World Headquarters for authentic Taekwondo. My mission is to provide the highest quality of Taekwondo instruction and empower my students to develop valuable skills for daily life: cooperation, respect, self-control and confidence."  - Master Won

Master Won is a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo, has more than 15 years of training and 9 years of teaching experience. He studied Taekwondo back in Korea, was a member of the Korean competitive sparring team, championship silver medalist in Korea, and has overseen 1,000 students achieve the rank of black belt during his years as a Head Master Instructor. 

Tae Kwon Do Classes

Youth Tae Kwon Do (Ages 7-12)

Master Chung's TKD Classes for kids provide benefits Immediately, with results that last a lifetime.


At Master Chung's Tae Kwon Do, your child will learn:

-Better focus and concentration skills

-The importance of courtesy and respect

-Self-control and cooperation

-The benefits of exercise and physical fitness

-Perseverance: not giving up when faced with challenges


We know how to bring out the best in every child by teaching kids how to increase their focus, confidence, and self-discipline through Tae Kwon Do. Teachers and parents often notice a big difference when a child begins martial arts classes – they listen better at home, try harder at school, and get better grades because of martial arts.


Teen and Adult Tae Kwon Do (Ages 13+)

Master Chung’s TKD offers many benefits for teens & adults! 


The health benefits of regular Tae Kwon Do practice are huge. Our classes combine the best of several forms of physical training. Stretching and calisthenics to improve flexibility and balance, kicking drills and partner work to increase endurance and timing, and different forms and curriculum requirements will improve strength and muscle tone. Most adults also experience weight loss, more confidence and a great way to release stress. And, since no two classes are the same, you will experience a varied, high-energy workout that will motivate you to attend classes regularly.


Family Tae Kwon Do (All Belts/ All Ages)

“A family that kicks together sticks together!”

Have fun with the entire family in one convenient location! Our 60-minute Family Classes provide the perfect opportunity to get fit, share goals, meet other fun-loving people and most importantly, spend time together. Our flexible classes will also allow you to train based on your family's schedule.

Master Chang's Yong-In Martial Arts offers special opportunities designed to enhance your martial arts experience and strengthen friendships with other families.

- A way to bring your family close together

- A rewarding activity

- A way to find exercise time

- A positive environment

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