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What Are People Saying About
Resilience Martial Arts - Gracie Jiu Jitsu Lakeville?

"I recently started the Combatives Certified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gracie course at Resilience Martial Arts and was thoroughly impressed with the instruction I received from owners Alexander and Danielle. They were knowledgeable and patient, taking the time to ensure that I fully understood the techniques being taught. As a newcomer to martial arts training, I appreciated their approach, which made the experience much less intimidating than I had expected. The atmosphere is clean and spacious, and the culture is welcoming and supportive. The well-structured program made it easy for me to learn. I highly recommend Resilience Martial Arts to anyone looking to start or continue their martial arts journey. The level of dedication, enthusiasm, and expertise that Alexander and Danielle bring to their instruction is nothing short of impressive."

-Jim M.

"If you're looking to learn BJJ the right way, Resilience is where to go!"

-Peter B.

"I’m so glad that we signed our three young kids with Resilience Martial Arts in Lakeville. Great atmosphere, and a great coaching staff, and my kids love it. We are excited about their journey with Resilience Martial Arts."

-Eric N.

"It’s awesome! Every time leaving I want to come back for more. Great environment!!"

-Charlie H.

"Amazing gym and owners! The instruction is thoughtful, focused on learning and not ego driven. I am very happy with every aspect of this gym and their philosophy."

-Dave L.

"I couldn’t ask for a better more welcoming place to learn Jiu Jitsu. Alexander and Danielle are both awesome instructors. Everything is taught in a very methodical way and I know I’m learning the correct way. I plan on continuing my Jiu Jitsu journey for years to come at Resilience Martial Arts."

-Tom M.

"Resilience Martial Arts is one of the best schools I’ve ever trained at. They have a family friendly atmosphere and the training/ teaching is done in a structured manner so you always know what you’re going to be learning walking through the door. As a blue belt taking both combatives and master cycle I can say that these classes are for anyone at any level! Also if you want to learn the art of 8 limbs Muy Thai is where it’s at! Or if you just want to break a sweat and get a good workout instructor Alexander will be more than happy to help:)"

-Tony M.

"Alexander and Danielle are amazing instructors and really take the time and care to ensure you are understanding the techniques and provide a comfortable environment for learning. Our 5 year old started and absolutely loves Resilience MA. The classes are extremely fun and engaging for young and old alike."

-Andy T.

"I am so happy our family joined Resilience MA! Coach Alexander and Danielle make the perfect team! As a female, I really appreciate being able to train with Danielle since there aren't many women members yet. She is so amazing to work with and learn from. While I admit being within close quarters with people you don't know is really uncomfortable, they have a way of coaching/teaching with grace, patience and real life scenarios that help ease you out of your comfort zone. The moves and positions are explained really well so that you know why you are positioned they way you are. I am new to MA and I am absolutely loving it so far!"

-Anna L.

"Super awesome coaches that provide good technique and skills in a solid learning environment"

-Peter B.

"Awesome energy, and incredible teaching!"

-Chris S.

"Amazing coaches! Class availability to suit many schedules. I am in the Gracie Combatives program which teaches you 36 techniques in 23 classes for self defense confidence. They even have an only women’s Combatives class that piqued my wife’s interest. :) Large mat space that is cleaned multiple times a day! Safe and comfortable training space."

-Eric R.

"I am absolutely loving the Gracie Jiu Jitsu program at Resilience Martial Arts. I am brand new to martial arts, and was a bit intimidated to start but Coach Alexander and Danielle have been extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. I always leave feeling that I have learned something valuable and I can’t wait for my next class."

-Danielle G.

"Super awesome coaches that provide good technique and skills in a solid learning environment."

-Mitch R.

"I’ve been doing mma and martial arts for some time now but I have never felt as respected And cared about as a student as I have here!! Both Alex and Danielle truthfully care and want what’s best for their students!!"

- Blake M.

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